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Your Transmission is the Key to your vehicle.

As far as the power train of your car is concerned, the transmission is arguably the most complicated component. Whether manual or automatic, the major function of the transmission is to shift gears. Replacing a transmission is one of the most expensive auto repair shops jobs, so it’s best to ensure that it’s regularly maintained and repaired. While at it, be sure to choose an auto repair shop that is trustworthy in transmission repair in Amarillo.


Reasons To Trust Arenas Automotive 

Consistent Quality
There are many reasons why you should rely on us to repair your car’s transmission. Firstly, letting us handle your car’s repair needs is the best way to avoid substandard repairs on one of the most crucial components of your car. By seeking our services, there will be consistency in quality, which is vital for the longevity of your car’s transmission’s lifespan.

Invaluable Advice
Another reason why most people trust us whenever they want transmission repair in Amarillo is the invaluable advice we always offer our esteemed customers. At times, our customers require some directions on how to make use of certain products, or how to execute certain procedures. In case you have any clarifications that you would like to be made regarding transmission repair or any other issue with your car, you can consult us and our attendants will explain everything in detail.


Arenas Auto is here for all your Transmission needs.

 When you trust Arenas Auto Repair with your car, you can take advantage of our special packages! Our main package includes checking the condition of your tires, including air pressure and tread, your vehicles suspension system, inspecting the steering wheel and column, and adjusting your vehicles alignment, if applicable. At Arenas Auto Repair we ensure your vehicle will be repaired properly, the first time.

Arenas Auto Repair has been in business in Amarillo for almost 20 years, and strives to make sure our customers receive the best vehicle treatment, every time. When it comes to alignments if you do not understand how or why we do what we do, we will gladly explain the process to you, and all of our alignment experts are certified, ensuring that you are in good hands.


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