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Your suspension system is one thing that many car owners take for granted, and some even think that it doesn’t need repair, or as much maintaining as other maintenance issues such as break repair or oil changes can require. Contrary, suspension repair is of great essence as having a bad suspension can significantly affect your ability to control your vehicle. We are an auto repair shop that performs suspension repair in Amarillo, to ensure that you and other car owners keep up with this important part of auto maintenance.


How to know that your car needs Suspension Repair

•Vehicle rides roughly
A rough ride is one of the obvious signs that a car’s suspension system needs to be worked on. Does it feel like you have been having too many bumpy rides lately even if the terrain is smooth? If yes, your car is having a problem in the suspension system that needs to be addressed. Consider suspension repair in Amarillo sooner, rather than later.

•Vehicle drifts or pulls during turns
You will also know that your car’s suspension system is failing when you feel your car starts drifting or pulling whenever you make a turn. This is a very serious problem as it increases the risk of your car rolling over. Ignore this problem at your own peril. Be smart and have the shocks checked out and if they are not in good shape as they should be, they should be replaced.

•Nose Dives or Dips when stopping
 If you feel your car’s body reeling forward and downward with its nose first whenever you apply brakes firmly, it’s a sign that your shocks are already worn out. This problem takes away your ability to stop the car quickly. In fact, a bad suspension can slow down your car quite significantly. We can help resolve this problem, as we believe that it’s better to be safe than sorry. 


Arenas Auto is here for all your Suspension needs.

Other signs that your car needs suspension repair include unevenly worn-out tires, and greasy or oily shocks/struts. If you have any concerns regarding suspension repair in Amarillo, feel free to contact us and we will offer you with the right answers to your questions. It’s also of essence that we emphasize that we serve our customers with the utmost respect they deserve when seeking repair services at our automotive repair shop.


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