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A Trusted Name in Automotive Repair For Over 17 Years

Arenas Auto Repair Shop in Amarillo in Texas, founded by Louis Arena, has been serving customers since September, 2001. Louis Arena, a man who learned to value and respect cars from watching his father repair cars as a young boy, combines his skills and passion for quality services to offer the best Auto Repair services in Amarillo, Texas. After his high school graduation, Louis joined several technical schools, learning computer based diagnostic skills to advance his automobile repair skills. Today, he is the proud owner of Arena Auto Repair Shop, giving customers the best automobile repair services in Amarillo and beyon

Louis Arena is an active member of the community and a proud husband, who has been happily married to his wife for 27 years. He is an animal lover who enjoys spending some quality down time away from the automobile shop with his dog. During the weekends and on holidays, he enjoys some time appreciating nature while fishing and camping around Texas.

Louis takes pride in his work and his ability to serve car owners.

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As Amarillo's trusted mechanic for over 20 years, Arenas Auto Repair wants you to have an automotive repair you will never forget!

If you need your vehicle worked or repaired, Arenas is the first repair shop you should choose in Amarillo Texas. 

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